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Breaking Down

I keep calling the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Down and then remember, no, it's Breaking Dawn.

Confession: while I wouldn't call myself a Twilight Hater, I didn't read beyond the first book and thought the first book so-so. I do respect all the fans of the series, and, of course, love the various library parties planned around the series.

According to the Amazon reviews, Meyer's fandom is less than thrilled with the series conclusion. (Thanks to Justine Larbalestier for the link.) Series endings are hard for authors and fans; it would be impossible for any author to write a conclusion that would make people happy, because the author cannot fulfill every single fan's wishes, hopes, and dreams. I will say that I find it interesting that some of the problems people had with the series ending are problems non-Twilight lovers had with the entire series. And, of course, Amazon reviewers may or may not reflect the entire fanbase.

Anyway, for those of you who have (or are) avid Twilight fans, here are my questions: How are your patrons handling the ending of their series? Are they still interested in the parties and proms that are planned for not just August, but also the next several months? Do you think the fan reaction to how Meyer ender her series will change your planned programming?

To those of you who are interested in books and fans -- I hope to see you at the YA Lit Symposium, where Carlie & I will be talking about fandom (full name of our program: Explaining and Exploring Fandom, Fan Life, and Participatory Culture).

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