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Pop Culture Things I am Addicted to Right Now

AKA, the kind of post Sophie is writing right now because she is taking two summer courses (never again, gentle readers. Never. Again.) and is doing lots of busy behind-the-scenes book stuff with Liz. Big fancy reveal coming soon. Also, I've been meaning to work these links seamlessly into posts on other topics, but that kind of sophisticated stuff is just not happening these days.

**Edited to Add**: How could ever forget Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? This might get me kicked out of the Whedonverse Fan Club. Mea maxima culpa, Joss! Watch now, thank me later. Seriously, watch now -- Act 1 went live yesterday, Act 2 goes live on the 17th, Act 3 goes live on the 19th, and after the 20th they're gone (until they come out on DVD).

Cute With Chris -- hilarious weekly video podcast (subscribe with YouTube or iTunes, or just view at Chris's site) that is both about cuteness and utterly satirizes & skewers cuteness.

Guillermo del Toro -- Genius. Of course, my favorite movie critic of all time, Mr. A.O. Scott, can make anyone seem like a genius if he likes them enough, but really, del Toro rocks in a very old fashioned, deeply odd way. We just watched Pan's Labyrinth this weekend and although it made me cry like a baby at the end, I found the creatures fascinating (apparently the ones in Hellboy 2 are very similar) and I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. I am placing holds on his other films at my local library, and putting the other ones in my Netflix Queue.

Band on the Diaper Run
-- on days when I wonder to myself what the heck I think I'm doing working full-time when I have a toddler, I read this blog and get a grip. I applaud Jason & Kori for making their family life mesh so seamlessly with their work life, and I realize that no matter how vexed or frazzled I may feel, my life is way less complicated than theirs. (I'm also glad they make it work, b/c I love their music.)

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  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Steph said…

    Thanks for the link to the Band on the Diaper Run blog, I am enjoying it immensely!

  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger Peter Bromberg said…

    Hey Sophie,

    thank for tm heads up on Dr. Horrible. Loved it! About to rewatch it with the wife. You rock!


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