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Fun Friday: Happy Anniversary!

No, it's not Pop Goes the Library's anniversary, it's mine. Five years ago today, my husband decided I was worth putting up with full-time. So for Fun Friday, I bring you anniversary traditions and ideas.

Most people know that the 25th anniversary is the "silver" anniversary and the 50th is the "golden," but many don't know that every anniversary has a certain gift attached to it. For example:

The 5th anniversary is traditionally the "wood" anniversary, with a modern gift of silverware.

The 11th anniversary is the "steel" anniversary, with a modern gift of jewelry. (Of course, being the girlie girl that I am, I think every anniversary is an appropriate time for jewelry.)

This August, my parents will celebrate their 35th anniversary, which is the "coral" anniversary, with a modern gift of jade.

Of course, nothing says anyone celebrating an anniversary has to follow any tradtion, but I find these gift ideas fun and inspiring. For the wood anniversary, why not give an acoustic guitar or plant a tree? For the steel anniversary, take a trip to Pittsburgh (and while you're there, have a Smashed Potato pizza at Fuel n' Fuddle for me). My favorite might be the paper (first) anniversary: BOOKS!

One of the coolest anniversary traditions I've seen is from author/blogger Peg Kerr. Peg and her husband Rob take what they call "tunnel" pictures, one of which you can see here. Every five years, they get a portrait done, and in those portraits they're holding their anniversary portrait from five years earlier.

Gifts or no gifts, I'm happy to celebrate, and I think the husband is just happy that I didn't request a wedding cake that looks like this.

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