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by Sophie Brookover, Liz Burns, Melissa Rabey, Susan Quinn, John Klima, Carlie Webber, Karen Corday, and Eli Neiburger. We're librarians. We're pop culture mavens. We're Pop Culture Librarians.


The Dawn-ing of a pop culture phenomenon

Some books surpass the title of "book series" and go into "pop culture phenomenon." The Harry Potter books did this, and Christopher Paolini's books, and Stephenie Meyer's books. All of these have garnered not just fans but academic analysis. I've read and reviewed a new essay collection about the Twilight series, called A New Dawn, and you can read my full review here:

Thirteen essays by YA authors of varying popularity tackle themes of romance, vampires and werewolves in literary tradition, morality, the neverending question of whether Edward Cullen is the greatest boyfriend in literature or an out-and-out sociopath (my vote is firmly with sociopath!), and self-sacrifice.

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