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Breaking Dawn Parties on YALSA Wiki

For those librarians wanting to hold a party in celebration of the August 2 release of Breaking Dawn, the final book in Stephenie Meyers' wildly popular Twilight series, Angelina Manfredi has very helpfully compiled party activities, treats, and giveaways for your event! Ideas come from members of YALSA's YA-YAAC listserv, and are posted to YALSA's wiki.

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  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger Angie said…

    Thanks so much for posting this, it's, like, beyond thrilling for me to be featured on here! :D

    The interesting part about the wiki was this: it really wasn't THAT time-consuming! In a way, it was easier than scrolling through the tons of e-mails trying to remember a single detail or idea. (even with gmail making the process easier by threading comments.)

    I hope some people are finding it of use and getting the idea that adding/creating content to a Wiki, ANY Wiki, is not just easy but a real time-saver.


    (and reading all these library blogs, and trying to comment more, has inspired me to start my own, so see how quickly technology spreads??!)


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