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I Love the Millennium

I am a big VH1 fan; primarily due to their fascinating documentaries like "Sex: The Revolution," "The Drug Years," and "The Seven Ages of Rock." But I'm also a fan of Best Week Ever and their I Love [insert decade here]* shows. I love that the shows tiptoe the line between being informative and snarky.

And really, why treat these subjects with reverence? The concept of Best Week Ever is that the preceding week was the best week EVER, and they spend the show taking potshots at what was considered news throughout the week. And the I Love [insert decade here] shows are amazing in that they show an enormous amount of pop culture history (one year per hour, ten episodes by decade) and are actually very informative from a pop culture standpoint.

So imagine how thrilled I was that this week they are airing I Love the Millennium?

Of course the conundrum is that they can only do eight years of the millennium, and they only have half of the eighth year to work with; so VH1 is only taping shows for 2000 - 2007. All the same, the show is just as enjoyable and informative as its always been. If you're not watching it, you're missing out. Since tonight is the last night, perhaps you feel like you're coming in too late.

Never fear! VH1 is going to run a marathon of the show on Sunday starting at 3PM EST. You'll be able to catch up in one day!

Another thing I love about these series is all the things you forgot about from their respective decades. They are full of things you could make programs about, pull books on, find websites for, etc. They are rich with information for you to create library content. Now, hopefully this new series doesn't have too many things that you've forgotten about since it only goes back to 2000, but if your memory is like mine these days...
*They have done two series of the 1970s, three of the 1980s, and two of the 1990s leading up to the new show. There was also a I Love the Holidays and I Love Toys.

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  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger Jen Boggs said…

    VH-1 absolutely, without a doubt, brain cells be damned, HAS MY NUMBER.


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