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Positive Article about YA Literature in Newsweek

I know! Shocking to have something positive.

Generation R (Is For Reader), published in Newsweek, includes such made of amazing quotes as:
"Contrary to the depressing proclamations that American teens aren't reading, the surprising truth is they are reading novels in unprecedented numbers. Young-adult fiction (ages 12-18) is enjoying a bona fide boom with sales up more than 25 percent in the past few years, according to a Children's Book Council sales survey."

"[M]ost of these books, even the darkest ones, cling to some semblance of hope. And most are smart, well written and do not pander or talk down to their audience. That's a welcome change, because for more than a decade, the common knock on young-adult books has been that there were too many so-called problem novels that self-righteously told kids how to behave in a "just say no" fashion."

While those of us who read YA books and read about books are familiar with most of what is in the article, what is refreshing is that this isn't an article in VOYA or School Library Journal -- in other words, this is an article that regular folks will read. Parents, teens, teachers. And it doesn't contain the "oh no the sky is falling because teen books are crap" panic found in past mainstream media articles.

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