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Wednesday Night Lights: Writer's Block

I had an idea for a post on the drive from my full-time job to my part-time job. I was musing in my head about some things, and thought "Oh! That would make an interesting post!"

Of course, I had nothing to write it down with nor did I try to mantra it into my brain so that I could write it down when I arrived here. I've been trying for almost four hours to return the idea to my head. But it won't come. The initial process was so random I can't recreate it in my head to jigger the dust motes together.

So I've been trying to come up with other ideas for tonight, and I still got nothing. I have half-formed ideas about absinthe, Chuck Mangione, science fiction, baseball, and syrup. But nothing concrete. Nothing good. And while writing a post that could somehow connect all those things together would be awesome...it's beyond my powers as a writer.

And I know this post is such a cop out on writing something with substance. But I want to make a post tonight (stubbornly refusing to admit defeat and perhaps post something later tonight or tomorrow) and I'll post whatever I have.

But this brings something to mind for me. What do you do when you're out of thoughts? What resource do you use to spark your imagination? When faced with the need for an emergency program, is there a favorite book or website that you go to for ideas? Is there a movie that makes ideas pop in your head like crazy? Are you like Betteredge in The Moonstone and dive into Robinson Crusoe to interpret the world around you?

I myself like to dive into the world of commercials. Yes. I said it (and was rightly mocked for it last night when I wanted to skip some): I like commercials. They can be like perfect jewels of storytelling to me. And they can be utter garbage. But good and bad, there are worlds of the unknown out there in commercials.

How about you?

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  • At 5:13 AM, Blogger moonflowerdragon said…

    Ah John I can't help you solve writer's block - weeks will go by between my own posts. But it is not for want of topics. When I'm too busy and ideas pop up I jot them in my protopage to do list if I'm at the computer, on my microcassette recorder if I'm in the car, onto a scrap paper and into my bag if I'm at work, or on my phone if I'm walking.

    I've also tried using del.icio.us to save links that deserve comment when I have more time, and Diigo with automatic posting to comment on the go. Unfortunately I'm either too lazy, too busy or simply too newbie to have made adequate use of them.

    I don't think your post was a cop-out.

    A good commercial is quite entertaining. So even though I don't like beer, I was amused by a Tooheys Ad.

  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Hockey Librarian said…

    Boy, that sure sounds like a King of the Hill episode.

    absinthe, Chuck Mangione, science fiction, baseball, and syrup.

    While people are shopping for syrup in the Mega-Lo Mart, Chuck Mangione is secretly replacing the syrup with absinthe. Following a fund raising pancake breakfast the whole town experiences an alien invasion at the baseball game. And only the cranky guy with the cigarette has his whits about him, because he never trusts anyone.

    Does that work?

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger John Klima said…

    As I suspected, the actual idea was something much more mundane. You'll see it next week.

    At one point I was totally convinced a microrecorder was the secret to success (I had watched Twin Peaks three times [the whole series, all 29 episode] in four weeks and was obssessed). But then I realized I didn't want to listen to my voice. :)

    That does sound like a great episode of King of the Hill. We just need to work Bobby in there and we're golden.


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