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Friday Fun: The Mortified Shoebox Show

How about a few hilarious little movies to kick off the weekend? (LONG weekend for myself and the rest of Massachusetts, Maine, and the public school system of Wisconsin--happy Patriots' Day, one and all!)

Mortified's latest project in the ongoing "comic excavation of the strange and extraordinary things we created as kids" is the Mortified Shoebox Show, "videos from the vaults of everyday life." Building upon the Mortified stage performances, the series already includes six episodes, including "Stairway to Winnipeg," a modern recreation of Johanna Stein's version of "Stairway to Heaven," once performed for her entire eighth grade class on guitar; "Everyone's a Critic," Will Seymour's retelling of his shoplifting exploits, drama club failures, and the much-needed intervention of "Aunt Liza"--Minelli, of course; and the latest: "500 Miles to Hollywood", a reading of "500 Miles to Indy," the two-decade-old screenplay of Jason Smith as performed by a truly all-star cast: Elijah Wood, James Denton, Busy Phillips, Kevin McDonald, and Curtis Armstrong!

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