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Wednesday Night Lights: March Madness

Yeah, there's that one, but there's another March Madness we're at the cusp of. The lovely ladies of Go Fug Yourself have decided to combine their love of the roundball and fashion into the first ever Go Fug Yourself: Fug Madness tournament.

At this point, you've missed the play-in match between Courtney Peldon and Brown Peldon. The winner of which is now facing off against Lindsay Lohan. Seriously, if it sounds like I'm speaking gibberish, just click on the links. It boils down to voting on who you think is the worse fashion disaster in the match ups: Posh Spice or Kate Bosworth? Tara Reid or Ashley Olsen?

The great thing the Go Fug Yourself version opens up to me, is the possibility of makig brackets of anything. Want to make a bracket of best bands of the 70s? The 1870s? Go for it. Best books? Best authors? Best local restaurants? All doable. And you can use a service like Twiigs to create your polls and have people vote online. Or you could run a program with people making selections. Fun!

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