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Vote for One Book BCCLS (even if you don't patronize a BCCLS library)

When the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS) started providing downloadable audiobooks in 2006, they established the One Book BCCLS program. One Book BCCLS is a chance for readers (whether or not they live in one of the 73 towns with a BCCLS member library) to vote on a book and attend online chats. Anyone can vote, and anyone can attend the chat, which will occur this year on Thursday, November 8th at 7 p.m. (Last year, the One Book BCCLS title was Pride and Prejudice, and we had online chat attendees from out of state who were members of the Jane Austen Society.)

You can vote here: One Book BCCLS. Personally, I'm voting for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which you can get at any BCCLS library or download (in audio) from the website. I don't have anything against The Kite Runner or The Scarlet Letter, but I always vote for the YA book if I can and this is a YA book that even us adults can thoroughly enjoy. The Book Thief was one of my personal favorites from last year; I found it completely absorbing, sad, and wondrous. If you haven't read it, now's the time to expand your reading horizons. You won't be disappointed.


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