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Other Networks to HBO: Nyah, Nyah!

Although there are parts of this article about HBO's "shocking fall" from supremacy atop the heap of cable networks programming excellent, offbeat shows that make me roll my eyes so hard I fear I may injure them (the parts of the article do that, not the shows -- the shows rock my socks), overall, it's an interesting primer on how much the landscape of cable tv has changed since The Sopranos first bowed in 1999. Every major network -- and even some small ones -- have plunged headfirst into the bracing waters of creating original programming, and TV overall is better for it. Thanks to shows whose seasons start anytime, we no longer suffer through the doldroms of endless summer repeats. And thanks to networks willing to take a chance on offbeat or off-color program ideas, we have successes like Entourage and Rescue Me, neither of which would work as shows on the major non-cable networks (meaning, without the naughty words & the sex), and even interesting-sounding failures like John From Cincinnati. Of course, I am deprived of all of this cable-riffic goodness, because I don't have cable anymore. We got rid of cable nearly 2 years ago, when Nell was born, and it has definitely changed my pop culture consumption. But that's a whole other post!

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