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Call for Reviewers: Street Fiction Blog

Daniel Marcou, founder of the Street Fiction book review blog, is looking for a few good reviewers:

Streetfiction. org needs your help.
With too many books and too little time, I am making the call for guest reviewers. Plus what’s one guy’s thoughts compared to wealth of opinions that exist in the blogosphere. You can help to make Streetfiction.org by picking your favorite (or least favorite!) street fiction book and sending a review of it to me to post on this web


  1. Pick a title that hasn’t been reviewed yet.
  2. Share your thoughts, good or bad, about the book in a few paragraphs.
  3. EMAIL
    your review as a Word Document or [paste it] in the body of the email.

I am looking for reviews of adult and teen street fiction as well as urban
erotica books by authors like Zane or Noire.

Thanks to Meg Canada of Hennepin County Library for pointing out this blog!

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