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Friday Fun: Nymbler is Name-Tastic!

Are you a name-a-holic? If so, oh, the fun you will have with Nymbler! I believe I've linked here before to Laura Wattenberg's formidable blog & name-search tool, NameVoyager. Now, there's Nymbler, which can help you find a stylistic match for names of siblings, or just help you while away some time idly contemplating your taste in names. Trust me: this is fun even if you are not actively contemplating procreation.

I was playing with it last night to find some names that would go well with the names of myself, my siblings, my husband, and his siblings, and was impressed with what Nymbler gave me. I didn't love every single name, but I liked at least a few of them enough to put them in my favorites section.

For example, this set of names: Sophie, Sarah, Charlotte, Marcus, Adam, Rebecca
Yielded the following suggested names: Elsa, Elizabeth, Madeleine, Joseph, Ivan, Matthew

(All the names it suggested as companions for Nell (for boys, at least) were way, way too informal for my liking, though.)

And if you don't like what's on page one, you can request more suggested names, and more, and more, and more. Many, many minutes may be spent poring over name lists and meanings, and on subtly adjusting your six inspiration names to glean results more to your liking.

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  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger Carlie said…

    Oooh, fun! I've always loved learning about names.

    When I put in Carlie (it didn't recognize Carlisle!!!!!), Courtney, and Amanda, it spit back Morris (which is my grandfather's name), Bradley, Carter, Aubrey, Cash (ew!), Joshua, Sydney, and Andrea. When I add Diana and Jeffrey to Carlie, Courtney, and Amanda, it gave me Carly (gee, thanks!), April (which my parents did consider briefly when my mom was pregnant with Amanda; they wanted an "A" name for my grandmother), Jamie, Aurora, Clarissa, Christian, and Clinton.

    Just for fun I put in Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, and Ron and it gave me, among others: Rafe, Tom, Rob, Polly, Jenny (related to Ginny!), Carrie, Art, Abby, and Ray.


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