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8 Things

Since it's been far too long since a post from PGTL (and we've all been tagged several times for the 8 Things meme) here's my 8 Things Meme entry.

(This is supposed to be 8 random things about me? Sheesh. Random UNKNOWN things? Or just 8 random things? We'll go with unknown or obscure.)

1. While at Wiscon this last weekend, I had lunch with New York Times Bestselling author Karen Joy Fowler (The Jane Austen Book Club). See, that was a totally random fact about me. (And I like to name drop, so nyah!)

2. I never worked in a library until late in 2005.

3. I once worked for a waste management landfill weighing trucks.

4. I like to flatten things while I cook. For example, when cooking spaghetti meat sauce, I will eventually make the whole surface of the sauce flat and smooth. I do the same thing when making vegetable dips. Any type of thing I'm cooking that is not liquid enough to flatten itself (soup, sauces, caramels, etc.) but not too solid to resist flattening (turkey, ribs, chicken, etc.) I will flatten into a smooth surface. Same thing for peanut butter, butter & cheese (I straighten the edges from where the last person cut), and so on. Weird, huh?

5. I absolutely love brussel sprouts. Love them. LOVE. THEM. (great, now I'm thinking food at 10 in the morning and now I'm starving)

6. The biggest rat I have personally seen I thought was a cat (and a fairly big one at that) until I got closer to it. This was downtown Milwaukee near the river.

7. Speaking of Milwaukee (where I grew up), while home from college in 1991, I was driving around with some friends. There was an apartment that had more police and resuce vehicles in front of it than I'd ever seen in my life in one place. It took us forever to get past them and back onto our random driving (ah to be young again!). When we got home, the lead story on the news was "Police are removing another victim from Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment. We don't know how many victims will be found in total." Wha? I just drove past that place! Kinda creeps you out. As I relate the story to my dad, he then tells me a story of when he went hunting as a kid near where Ed Gein used to live. My dad is certain that the man he saw walking through the woods with some dogs was Ed Gein. (OK, no longer hungry, and no longer looking forward to sleeping tonight...)

8. My favorite (in no particular order) songs (the songs I would want as a theme song when I enter a room) are: Sex Machine by James Brown, Sex Bomb by Tom Jones, Greasy Granny by the Charlie Hunter Trio, Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai, Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake (I know!), and Something Beautiful by Robbie Williams (Robbie wrote this for Tom Jones and decided to keep it for himself). There are more, I'm sure, but this is a good list. These are all songs that when they come on, I literally stop whatever I'm doing (it could be anything...I mean that: ANYTHING) and get up a groove. What's bugging me now is that just the other day I looked at my wife when a song was playing and I said "I think this might be my favorite song ever" but I don't know what it was anymore.

I am not tagging anyone. This madness must stop! :)

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