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8 More Random Things

I'm fairly certain I posted 8 random factoids about me some months ago, but since Janie tagged us all, I'm happy to share 8 more. Here goes:

  1. I'm the eldest of three girls. My youngest sister (who returns from a fabulous semester abroad in Scotland tonight!) is 10 years my junior.
  2. When my Mom was pregnant with my youngest sister, I wanted my parents to name her Scheherezade. I couldn't pronounce it, but it sure did look pretty.
  3. Eventually, we all (yes, this was a group effort) settled quite happily upon a different name: Charlotte.
  4. I just attended my 10-year college reunion, where one of the activities was singing songs of praise to the Goddess Athena in Ancient Greek. I'm not kidding: traditions are very big at Bryn Mawr. Photos forthcoming on Flickr.
  5. My favorite Coen Brothers movie is The Big Lebowski. My favorite movie of all time is Rushmore.
  6. I can mimic a variety of English accents: Home Counties/posh, Manchester, and general (not posh) Londonish. My husband is sort of freaked out by my ability to speak in these accents.
  7. I have zero skills on the mic, and in the unrelated but no less important department of present-wrapping, I am also a total disgrace.
  8. I am (possibly unhealthily) obsessed with Hello Kitty. Don't judge me.
  9. 8:49 PM: Rock! My parents and sister just called from the airport to say they've picked up Charlotte and are on their way home! T-minus 10 minutes till I see my baby sister!

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  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger adrienne said…

    I love The Big Lebowski and Rushmore in that way where when I run across someone who hasn't seen one of them, I repeatedly insist that they watch it as soon as possible.

    When my best friend was pregnant with her younger son, her older son (Lucas) was lobbying to name the new baby "Little Baby Riceball," which isn't nearly as pretty as "Scheherezade."


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