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Ocean County Library's Diversity Cookbook

As some readers may know, I work for Ocean County Library and every now and then I just have to share something they are doing. OCL has a Ocean County Library's Diversity Plan, and part of that plan is, of course, programming.

Which leads to two questions: Getting ideas for an awesome, successful program; and not reinventing the wheel. Personally, I'm a big one for not reinventing the wheel; so I'll go thru old calendars, take a look at other libraries Google things, and find ideas that I then tweak for my library. (Other times I get great inspiration for a program, like this one. But even with being knowledgeable about what other libraries do, there are still unanswered questions like "how long did that take" and "what was really involved" and the like.

OCL's answer? The Diversity Cookbook. No, not food (tho honestly, when I first heard about it, that's what I thought.) It's a cookbook of great, tried and true diversity programs. Find a recipe, such as this one about Potato Chips. But here is where OCL adds that something extra; anyone can add a add a programming recipe. It's not limited to OCL staff or to OCL programs. Which means you (yes, you) can go now and add a program. The Diversity Cookbook is a great resource not because of OCL programs, but because it can be a place for all library programs; it's a resource whether you are looking to find a program or looking to share a program.

Just a few quick explanations; going with the "cookbook" theme, the "add a recipe" section is a form that asks for "ingredients" (what you need to make the program happen), directions, etc. And yes, there is a place for your name and your library.

If you want to see the Diversity Cookbook in action, and learn more about how it came into being, OCL will be presenting it at ALA in DC on Saturday at 10:30. It's called Connecting People, Building Bridges: Diversity Knowledge Database (under ALA/ Diversity.) (Right now, it's in the PDF at page 59).

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