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The Ultimate DVD Sets

Thanks to the November 20th issue of TV Guide magazine, I know my dream vacation:

Box sets of TV shows plus plenty of popcorn equals TV marathons. Seriously, there is nothing so awesome as indulging in non stop viewing.

Anyway, the DVD Gift Guide in that issue listed 20 picks for presents. From that list, here is my dream list:

MASH, The Martinis and Medicine Collection. 199.98. Includes the Altman film. I loved this show growing up and can remember watching the end of the series.

Alias: The Complete Collection. 199.99. I never watched this show (I know!) but I have friends who adore it, so what better way to fall in love than non stop viewing?

Homicide, Life on the Street: The Complete Series Megaset. 299.95. Includes some of the cross overs and the final movie. My love for this series is so great, that this is the one most likely to be a Christmas present to me.

Now if only thirtysomething was available.... and why isn't Ally McBeal in the US?

Edited to add: Hey, the first season of Life Goes On is available!


  • At 10:42 PM, Blogger melissa said…

    I saw that article, and had similar thoughts to yours! I love ODing on a TV series--I've done that with seasons, but never with a whole run of a show. I'm definitely interested in the MASH collection myself . . .

    And I, too, wish that Ally McBeal was available. I bet it's music rights that's holding up the DVD release.

  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger Sophie Brookover said…

    You got it in one, melissa! I read a brief interview with David E. Kelley recently and he said that music rights were the big stumbling block, but that they're working on it right now. You could get your wish by Christmas 2007. :)


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