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Totally Wired = Totally Necessary

Anastasia Goodstein of YPulse fame strikes again with Totally Wired, a bloggy complement to her forthcoming book of the same name (which is at the top of my 2007 shopping list). The subtitle of both blog & book is "What Teens and Tweens are Really Up To Online", and boy, does it deliver the goods:

What I like so much about Anastasia's blogs is that she puts everything she writes about into a clear, broader context (essential for reaching her adult audience), she knows her audience isn't just marketers (note plenty of librarian-friendly content), and although she is generally quite sanguine about teens & tweens, she isn't afraid to call them out on their excesses when she sees them.

Attention, teachers, parents, librarians, guidance counsellors, and group home staff: Totally Wired is a must read in every way.


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