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How Do You Solve A Problem Like A DVD Set?

Now that you all know what DVDs I want in my stocking, what about the library?

When adding TV series to your library, here are some things to consider:
  1. Cataloging! TV series? Television program? What terms will help your patrons find these DVDs?
  2. Split up the series. While Melissa and I adore those TV marathons, we also know that you cannot do that all the time. Whether its one or more seasons in a pack, split them up.
  3. Name the series correctly! The set may have been sold as Firefly: The Complete Series, but your customers will be looking up Firefly. And not finding it. This is why records have alternate title.
  4. When you split the discs up, catalog and label them, be consistent! How easy will it be for the customer to find the fourth disc in the third season? Are you using the same series name and method for labeling for each disc? Is it easy to find in the record?
  5. Is the entire series connected by a series note?
  6. Respect all tastes, for you may not know everything. Just as I was going "why Combat, who would watch that" it was explained to me (kindly) that Combat invented the type of episodic TV I adore and that it has an impressive list of writers and directors.
  7. How have you advertised to let people know you have DVDs?

I'm happy to say that my library has TV series; and the customers love it, but all for different reasons, and those reasons vary widely, from nostalgia viewing to people who don't get cable who want to know what the fuss is all about for shows like Deadwood.; from people like Melissa and I who want to watch multiple episodes to those who want to watch TV without commercials.


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