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Fantasy Football

This is my first year playing fantasy football and I am having so much fun! You get to be the coach and the owner. You pick your own team name, draft and trade players, and decide who to play or bench each week, all in an effort to beat your opponent (someone else in your league) according to a points system. You will find yourself reading about football, conferring with other sports fans, and tweaking your team all week to get the line-up just right. Basically your team is made up of various players from the entire NFL. You pick 1 quarter back (QB) , 3 wide receivers (WR), 2 running backs (RB), 1 tight end (TE), 1 Kicker (K) and 1 Defense (DEF). For instance, my team consists of Tiki Barber RB (Giants), Reggie Wayne WR (Colts), and the Minnesota Vikings (DEF), among others. So, in addition to your favorite NFL team, you are now rooting for players on many other teams in the NFL. You will find yourself watching all the games on Sunday afternoon, Sunday night football, Monday night football, and even the occasional Thursday night game. I am also in my family’s football pool where we do a straight pick of which teams we think will win each week. Since my family is spread out across the country it is a cool way of playing a game at a distance. Let it be noted that I play for bragging rights only. My fantasy football team is in a public league on Yahoo Sports and my family football pool is on CBS SportsLine. Another excellent source of information is ESPN Fantasy Sports. (Disclosure: ESPN is my former employer prior to becoming a librarian). Go Team!


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