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Cybils: The 2006 Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Awards

It was only a matter of time before it happened: a bloggers award for children's and YA literature.

The Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Awards, aka the Cybils, will be decided based on both the book's merits and popularity. There are eight categories, ranging from picture books to young adult, poetry to graphic novels.

In keeping with the nature of the blogosphere, anyone can nominate a book, so long as it was published in the year 2006 and in English. Nominations close November 20. The rules are one nomination per category; and nominations aren't weighted. In other words, let's say there are three graphic novels you want to nominate, but you know you can only nominate one; head over the Cybils site, scroll down to the Graphic Novel post and check out the other nominations. If one of your three is already on the list, it's already being considered so now you just have to decide between the other two. While anyone can nominate (teen, grown up, librarian, blogger, author, publisher... you get the picture) because its one nomination per category per person, please don't do an anonymous nomination.

And once you've nominated for Graphic Novels, then go to Non Fiction Picture Books, and so on and so on.

The Cybils are also trying to be as transparent as possible, with the rules and processes on the website; anyone can comment; and those comments are taken seriously.

What happens once the nominations close on November 20? Then a panel of bloggers (the nominating committee) will start discussing those titles and cull the list down to five finalists. Those titles will be announced January 1st.

A separate judging panel will then select one winner from the five finalists (and hey, there's still openings on the Graphic Novel panels, both judging and nominating!)

Disclaimer: I've been involved in the start up of this, including the organizer for the Graphic Novel committees and will be a judge for the Young Adult Fiction.


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