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Why I Love Miss Snark

Miss Snark is a literary agent who blogs. Yes, she is snarky; but she is also honest.

She gets all sorts of questions, and the most recent one was asking her how to find a specific type of agent. Miss Snark's general reply to this type of stuff, as long time readers know, is along the lines of "I'm busy being an agent! You, as the writer, should be the one finding this stuff out. I don't have the time to track this type of stuff down."

In this post, Miss Snark is not the reference librarian, she advises readers: "your librarian is your friend."

How can you not love her? Note she didn't say "the librarian", but rather "your librarian." Check out the question and ask yourself: could you answer it? Would your answer be different from Miss Snark's?


  • At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good post-- love Miss Snark, she's always got a good word for the librarians. And to answer the question, I'd start with Writer's Market and Literary Marketplace.

  • At 1:46 PM, Blogger Sophie Brookover said…

    She is indeed superfabulous. What is it about snarky bloggers and their affection for George Clooney? The Fug Girls are super-into him to. And so am I, come to think of it.


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