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New Magazine Review: Hallmark

Hallmark's new magazine is a first cousin to Blueprint, the new, feistier, hipper, edgier (but still highly aspirational -- the Fall issue recommends $1000+ luggage!) publication from Martha Stewart's publishing empire. We previously reviewed Blueprint here. Like Blueprint (and to a degree, like Rachael Ray's new magazine, Everyday With Rachael Ray), Hallmark attempts to help its readers develop a total life approach. The overall message of this title is, as it says right on the cover, "Celebrating Your Life".

The celebratory spirit is in evidence in the titles and contents of the magazine's five sections: Inspire, Renew, Nest, Conect, and Nourish. Unsurprisingly, the art direction is flawless (the display type used throughout is a very 50s face called Abeejay, which manages to convey simultaneously the warmth of a handwritten letter and a certain playful impishness), the content aimed with laserlike precision at a settled-down (with or without kids) woman with homey taste and a lively sense of friendship and good humor. Impressively, however, the magazine doesn't feel focus-grouped to death. Like the best Hallmark card, it has an unfakeable realness to it that is very appealing.

Among the most appealing features of the premiere issue: a section called Try Something, which includes instructions for throwing a football and tying a scarf like a Frenchwoman; easy, relaxing seasonal crafts; an essay on transforming the TV from conflict lightning rod to a vehicle for family togetherness; tips for a great all-ages Halloween party; and a host of easy, tasty recipes for Fall.

This magazine will appeal to patrons who find Martha Stewart a bit much but who aren't really into Good Housekeeping or Ladies' Home Journal. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


  • At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just bought the premier issue of Hallmark magazine. It is very nice to view. I am not a arts and crafts person. I enjoy reading about them; however, I never have time for such frivolities!


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