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We Empower Teens

Judy Macaluso is the Teen Services Coordinator for Ocean County Library, aka MPOW. Judy is incredibly dedicated and driven about teen services, the importance of teens in the community, and the need for libraries to reach out to teens and to empower them. Just one example of her success: in 2002, OCL had two teen librarians; now there are twelve.

Judy has an article that discusses her vision for teens and libraries and how she made it happen at OCL. It's ""We Empower Teens" @ Ocean County Library (pdf) in the August 2006 issue of VOYA. Check out the photo on the fourth page; I'm the one on the left.


  • At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Liz --Wow! Great of you to share this VOYA article about Ocean County Library on your blog. But while I do hold that title of Teen Services Coordinator - I must share the kudos with so many others. Can you see me now holding the mic at the Oscars as I'm whipping out a slip of paper? Got it? From "back in the day" times with the early YA Team members (you know who you are!) and then the last few years (you're all Branch Managers now! Liz --you too!) there has been a dedicated team of talented Teen Librarians continually providing excellent library services to Ocean County teens. It has always been an honor to work side by side with each of them(you Liz)and learn from each other. How lucky could we all be! And our current team of teen librarians are truly incredible people and librarians - empowering teen services will only get better! And we all have to thank (I know...Conductor John Williams is playing!!") the OCL administration who has provided incredible support and guidance these last several years. It has truly been the efforts of so many! That's my blog comment Liz! Great to have you on our team with your insights and expertise with YA Lit!

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Melissa Rabey said…

    I saw the article in VOYA, Liz, and I made a copy of it so I could read over it and talk to you about it. But I want to just say for now, mad props to all of you at OCL. :-)


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