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Problem With Summer Giveaway UPDATED Again

I just saw this on LISnews and wanted to pass the word. It's from the Star Press, a paper in Indiana.

State warns of lead in toys given by libraries. "INDIANAPOLIS-- State health officials today issued a consumer health alert for bendable animal toys that were given away at libraries around the state, including the Muncie Public Library, during summer reading programs in June and July." The complete story is here.

The paper is silent about the vendor for the bendable animal toys; there is a photo with the article. The toys sound similar to items sold by both Upstart and Oriental Trading.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE TOY IN QUESTION IS FROM EITHER OF THOSE VENDORS. But, if your library has bendable animal toys that look like dogs and cats, you may want to investigate further to see if you have the same items that the Indiana libraries purchased.

Other reports on the toy: WTHR, noting an Indiana distributor for the toy; the News Sentinel; another item from the News Sentinel with a different photo of the toys in question.

UPDATED: I just found the Indiana State Department Of Health News Release, here. It specifically states: The toys were recommended as prizes to other libraries through a Web site run by the Collaborative Summer Library Program.

UPDATED AGAIN: When I can find links, I will add. The Indiana toys were NOT purchased from Highsmith/Upstart; but Highsmith may have had the same original source for the toys. There is a question about change of original manufacturers. Highsmith has a certificate showing the toys they sold were tested and certified safe; and they are independently testing the toys. Also, the lead is from the paint on the toy, not the toy itself.


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