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Children's Book Reviews

I blog about children's and young adult books over at A Chair, A Fireplace And A Tea Cozy. The many book reviews that appear in the children's book blogosphere (aka kidlitosphere) are great fun; yes, many of us also read the reviews in the professional reviews, but blog book reviews may be longer and more detailed, often have great links to interviews, author sites, discussion guides, and the like, and often appear before reviews in traditional sources.

Ok, so that's a wee bit of a plug for my site (and the blogroll there) but the REAL purpose of this post is to let you know about how to find these reviews. Children's Book Reviews is a wiki that was recently begun by Kelly H. at Big A little a. If you're looking for a book review published in a blog, it's a great place to start. It's fairly simple, divided into age groups and searchable by both author and title. And, if you blog about children's or teen books, let Kelly know if you're interested in having your reviews included in the wiki.