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One To Watch: Lily Allen

My husband, who is an even bigger music freak than I am, has asked me to alert all of you with ears, and more particularly those of you responsible for music purchases for your library, to the glorious pop genius of Miss Lily Allen, a 21 year-old Londoner whose debut album, Alright Still, is chock full of smart, tuneful deliciousness. Every one of these songs is worthy of chart topping Number One-ness (and several have reached Number 1 in the UK already). You don't have to take my word for it -- listen for yourself at Lily's website, or at her MySpace. Your patrons will thank you. Tell 'em you heard it here first.

Addendum: She's already got an entry at supersite AllMusic.com, which includes a list of soundalikes influences -- essential for Recommended If You Like displays.


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