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Drop It Like It's Hot: Michael Stephens at Cherry Hill Public Library

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Well, I've seen it with my own two eyes: Michael Stephens is a kick-ass presenter. The man knows his stuff, knows how to put it into plain English, and then manages to add in an inspiring zinger or two every 3 minutes that leaves you hungry for more. My hand is slightly cramped from all the notes I took, riffing on his ideas, brainstorming how to put his ideas into practice, sharpening my own thoughts on all things 2.0 and community related.

We haven't directly addressed Library 2.0 or Web 2.0 here at Pop, which is sort of silly, since I teach classes on Web 2.0, and Pop Culture Librarianship is a major part of Library 2.0. Let this be the kickoff, then, of our official jump on the bandwagon. It's never too late, right? Right!

Want more photos? The relevant Flickr photoset is here. More details on the day forthcoming, possibly with a back & forth between me & Liz, who went to see Michael and Jenny Levine's Web 2.0 Roadshow at the Princeton Public Library on Tuesday!


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