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Civil War: Whose side are you on?

I'm way behind on my comics reading (I still haven't cracked DC's Infinite Crisis miniseries) but I have been following another "groundbreaking", "nothing will ever be the same!" event: Marvel's Civil War.

The basic set-up for Civil War is that two groups of super-powered individuals got into your typical battle in Stamford, CT. However, this fight became anything but typical when a school was blown up, killing more than 600 civilians, many of them children. Overnight, attitudes towards superheroes change. Anyone who wears a mask isn't trusted; how can you take responsibility for your actions, good or bad, if you don't reveal who you are? Congress takes action, and passes a Superhero Registration Act. All superheroes must reveal their true identities, register with the government, and go through ethics training. If a superhero refuses, they are considered a criminal--and anyone who helps a superhero conceal their identity is an acessory.

By the end of issue 2, we've seen the superheroes of the Marvel Universe split into two camps: those for registration, led by Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, and those opposed to registration, with Captain America leading the way. Probably the most talked-about development so far is Spider-Man's unmasking. While most fans are fairly skeptical about whether this plot twist will have any impact for the future of Spider-Man, the bigger issue still remains.

When a conflict exists betweens personal liberties and national security, where do you draw the line?

Civil War is a great example of how comics can comment more on current issues and events than the most high-minded and respected publications. I'm very eager to see how the writers of Civil War reach a conclusion--if any--to the debate that's confronted the United States.

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