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ALA 2006: YALSA Leadership Development

I'm not a YALSA Committee Chair or Member of the Board of Directors, but I attended this session anyway, because I might like to be a Chair or Board Member in the future, and I wanted to know what that commitment would entail.

Outgoing and Incoming Chairs of quite a few committees spoke:
  • Shannan Sword of the Organization & Bylaws committee explained that her committee's charge is to help committees work better by revising and updating their respective charges;
  • The Program Clearinghouse Chair (Erin Downey Howerton, I think) said that program proposals for Annual Conferences can now be submitted electronically, and noted that they're looking for proposals on working with & serving tweens for 2008;
  • Outgoing President Pam Spencer Holley informed us all that with regard to Youth Participation, there will now be more emphasis on bringing teens from the local area to Annual Conference, and that a Teen Summit is in the works;
  • Julie Bartel, the outgoing and incoming chair of Publications (on which I serve) encouraged everyone to publish through YALSA (doing so provides much-needed income for the division);
  • Amy Alessio outlined the division's business plan: we're doing well, but we're still not self-sustaining. The recent passage of our dues increase has provided funds needed to launch a YA Lit Conference and Teen Tech Week, but we still need to develop more continuing education courses, a publishing portfolio, and need to find more sponsors for Teen Read Week and Teen Tech Week;
  • Board Liaisons: these are each committee's link between the committee and the board, and help the committees take action based on their ideas. It is now possible to submit motions for the Board to consider online! Check out the Handbook section of the YALSA site;
  • Executive Director Beth Yoke spoke about working with the YALSA office staff, all of whom are friendly, super-competent, and very helpful. Please call (or e-mail to speak with Beth, Nichole Gilbert, or Esther Murphy. Beth reported that Joan Klaffee is the new director of ALA's Development Office. Joan is seeking many new grants for divisions;
  • Jen Hubert spoke on behalf of the Nominating Committee -- they are seeking the following for the 2007 ballot:
    • 4 nominees (2 to be elected) for the YALSA Board;
    • 6 nominees (3 to be elected) for the Margaret A. Edwards Award Committee;
    • 8 nominees (4 to be elected) for the Michael L. Printz Award Committee.
  • Submit names to Jen ASAP so that the commitee can vet potential candidates.
  • ALA Nominating Committee Chair Allen Nichols could not attend due to weather-related travel problems, but if you are interested in serving on ALA Council, please contact him with your name. It's vital for our division to be represented on Council!


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