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Good Patrons Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

You ever have one of those days, where you wish you could have a patron walk into the library, or even better, have a patron stop you in the grocery store, and say how much they like the new service you're providing, the great book you recommended to them, or compliment your last program?

Well, if you can't get that, try checking out these people.

I came across the blog of Edward Vielmetti recently while reading an article in School Library Journal. His blog, Superpatron, provides a great view of how libraries could provide more to patrons, through technology. I loved his recent post on a mashup of LibraryThing and imdb.com.

Thanks to a post on YALSA-BK, I came across the MSN column of Martha Brockenbrough, and what a great discovery it was! Martha writes about a range of subjects, but she has four columns that talk about the great things available in libraries. How often do you tell patrons about one of the 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do At the Library, to be greeted with amazement and gratitude? It's nice to see your typical citizen lauding a service that they receive for their tax dollars.

Martha has also written about 7 Things for Teens at the Library (other than books!), Why the Library Rules in Summer, and my personal favorite, Love a Librarian.

(Plus, our own Liz Burns is quoted in each of Martha's library articles!)

If you're having a day where you need an inspiration, check out these resources, and perhaps you'll get some new ideas as well as a mood boost.

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  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Sophie Brookover said…

    There's one Mom who often comes to me for help finding stuff for her son to read. Earlier this week, she called me after leaving the library to ask me if she could bring in her son so we could meet because he liked my book suggestions so much. Made my entire week!


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