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Liz B's Golden Globes Review, Part 1

In which I discover that I do not watch as many movies or watch as much TV as I thought.

Of course, the GG ignored the best TV show currently on: Veronica Mars.

But enough of sour grapes.

The first part of my GG round up:

Walk the Line: Nominated for best movie (musical or comedy) and best actor & actress (musical or comedy). As you can see from Pop's review, all three of us enjoyed this picture and all three agree that Reese and Joaquin deserve the nominations for best actor & actress in a motion picture (musical or comedy). (No, no I'm not on a first name basis with either of them. But its nice to pretend).

Cinderella Man: Russell Crowe got a nomination for best actor in a motion picture, and Paul Giamatti for best supporting actor. While its always nice to see a new person acknowledged in these categories, its almost better when its someone like Russell or Paul. (Still not really on a first name basis. In case you were wondering.) I like looking at their whole body of work to determine whether the actor is really a versatile actor or whether the actor got lucky. Here, both are wonderfully gifted actors. The scene were James J Braddock humbles himself to get public aid and charity, because feeding his children is more important than his pride, is wonderfully done by Crowe. And Paul so becomes this character, that it wasn't until I read the credits that I remembered him in Sideways.

Crash. I've been a fan of Matt Dillon since his performance in Over the Edge. He's nominated for best supporting actor for his depiction of a police officer who .... well, anything more would be giving away too much. Let's just say, that this is an onion of a character, with different layers shown at different times, and Matt does a great job. (Still not really on a first name basis. But I do know someone who knows someone who met Matt once.) Also nominated for best screenplay. This is a complex movie, with overlapping plots, and characters that have many layers.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Nominated for best original score and best original song. The music during the battle scenes were perfect. My personal review is at my other blog; full Pop review will be coming soon.

Rome. I rambled about my love of HBO's Rome on my other blog, here and here. From the first episode, to the bloody, disorganized, messy, brutal murder of -- well, you know who. Note perfect. Polly Walker got a best performance nod for her portrayal of the scheming Atia. How many actresses can portray a woman who has her son-in-law murdered, pimps out her daughter for political reasons, is delighted at the possibility of her son engaging in an affair with his uncle, and who is always thinking of the right political step to take -- yet at the same time, loves her children? Fascinating.


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