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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Join Melissa and Liz B. as they chat about what they liked about the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Liz B: That was the best Harry Potter movie.

Melissa: I come out of every Harry Potter movie enjoying the ride I've been taken on, but still going, "The book was better." But for this one, the gap between the book and the movie was closed up considerably, which is funny when you think about it.

Liz B: I try hard to view the movie on its own, without comparing it to the book. Because only a well done miniseries would be very faithful. I think this captured the essence of the book, and was also visually satisfying, had jokes, but also made me cry.

Melissa: It's hard to compare the books and the movies, I agree, and usually you're bound for disappointment. But I enjoyed the fact that some of my favorite moments from the book (the ones that stuck with me since the last time I read the book, which was ages ago) made it into the film. Those comedy moments are what really make this movie for me. Perhaps because I know that this is the turning point, when things start to get REALLY serious, but seeing the twins' antics, the confusion of hitting puberty . . . it all worked for me.

Liz B: It's also impressive that no actor has been dropped. For example, Bonnie Wright has played Ginny in all 4 films. They are casting not just for the immediate movie, but also knowing that -- or fearing that -- the character who is just background may become more significant.

Melissa: I love the fact that we are watching these teens grow up on film. One of the early trailers for Goblet of Fire really underlined this point, by showing four images of each member of the Trio, one from each of the movies. Harry Potter is about growing up, and getting to actually see it makes it so powerful.

Coming soon: Pop reviews Walk the Line.


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