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Golden Globe Awards

First, the bad news about the Golden Globe Awards: I work Monday nights.

And the Golden Globe Award Show -- yep, January 16. A Monday night.

So the TV at my library will be tuned in to the GG. And I'll have my DVR set to record it, with warnings to all not to give me spoilers -- who won what, naturally. And who wore what. And who gave an embarrisng speech.

What else will we have at the library?

When I talked about the GG and a possible display with the student pages, they really got into the spirit of things. So thanks to them, we have the obvious: the movies and TV shows nominated that are already on DVD, like Cinderella Man. And the perhaps not so obvious: other related materials, like the book In Cold Blood, because the film Capote is about Truman Capote writing that book. We also have prepared a list to keep by the circulation & reference desk, with DVD release dates for nominated films. (The Constant Gardener? Release date January 10)

We have a booklet that lists all the nominations, and are asking our customers to vote for who they think should win. I've also joked that I'll come in dressed, prompting one page to ask me, "how do you dress for the Golden Globes?"

"In evening dresses, like they do."

"So will we need a red carpet?"

I have no idea where I would find a red carpet. And since I don't dress up for things -- I'm not a Halloween person -- I'm not sure if I'll actually go through with it. But given that my usual work dress is cords and a cardigan, simply putting on a real skirt and nice top would be dressing up.


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