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Favorite Out of Print Book?

Do you have a favorite out of print children's book? Maybe it's the first book you read on your own. Maybe it's a classic that you know would be beloved if only it were in print again. Or maybe you have a lot of customers looking for favorites and you have to sadly tell them...we don't have it.

Whatever the reason, Children's Book Council wants to know! "From November to February the Children's Book Council is asking librarians, teachers, parents, and kids to name a book they would love to see reissued. The poll is a project of the ALA-CBC Joint Committee, and the top ten books will be announced in the spring. Please provide some comments or evidence for the demand for the book—e.g. booksellers or librarians could cite the number of requests they receive; educators could talk about the book's use in the curriculum; etc. "

Share the information! Tell your customers, your teachers, your staff, your Teen Advisory Board.


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