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I Watch TV, And I'm Proud

Walt at Random has a few things to say about TV and people who pull the moral high card of "I don't watch TV."

What prompted him to write his defense of TV watching is this: "I’ve been struck over the past few days by several people (librarians, librarian bloggers) pointing out that They Don’t Watch TV, Don’t Want to Watch TV, Don’t Even Own a TV." And while I missed these posts and comments, wherever they are in the blogosphere, I've had my share of comments made to me along those lines. And I'm not talking the ones about taste -- the people who just don't watch TV because. I'm talking about the ones with the tone -- you know it, and it looks like Walt knows it.

As Walt says, watch or don't watch. It's your call. But, "your choice to opt out of an entire slice of contemporary culture doesn’t give you moral superiority. "

As someone says in the comments, "I don’t think a public librarian can afford to be format prejudiced if he or she is going to be working at a busy reference desk."

You can read the full entry, TV or not TV, here.


  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger Patty said…

    I am always struck by how those people who "never watch TV" can often recite commercial jingles at the drop of a hat. Moral superiority my a**....


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