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There are those who get really into Halloween and those of us who, well, not so much. I've never been someone who gets all excited about the costume thing. Come Halloween, I'm wearing my Target T Shirt that says "Spooky."

But, being the dork that I am, I love the history and background of the holiday. And being the ex-lawyer I also find some of the disputes interesting.

So here are some interesting Halloween links that have nothing to do with costumes.

The History of Halloween from The History Channel, including origins;

An urban legends round-up from Snopes.com, letting you know what is true and what is not;

The Fantasy And Folklore of "All Hallows", thanks to The Library of Congress;

Information on Samhain and more information on Samhain;

The Myth of Samhain;

"All Saint's Day" from the Catholic Encyclopedia;

and finally, Banning Halloween from belief.net.


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