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Food, Glorious Food

"There was a recipe on this show I was watching...."

And now it's your job to try to track down the recipe. If you're lucky, the customer has the exact name of the cooking show, the network it's on, the name of the program, the name of the recipe, and the date she saw the cooking show. And this customer is now your favorite customer in the world because it's so easy to make her happy.

But probably your customer is typical of most of us, and has a general recollection of those details.

Places to go to figure out the show: TV and Radio Cooking Shows and TV Cooking Shows. And don't forget TV Guide's Listing Grid when the customer remembers the day and time the show was on, but not the name.

Most TV shows have websites that include recipes; and most TV chefs also have websites with recipes and links to their shows. So once you know that, it's simple to go to the website and find the recipe.

Some places to track down the recipe:

The Food Network. Go to the "TV" tab on the menu at the top of the screen to get to the TV portion of the website. At this point, it's pretty simple to find the various shows and schedules.

Another network that keeps all the recipes together is HGTV, Home & Garden TV.

If the recipe was something Martha Stewart did, start with Martha's website.

National morning TV shows have their recipes on their websites: Good Morning America; The Today Show; and the Early Show.

If the customer is uncertain about the name of the recipe, now isn't the time to have an unpassable boundary between the two of you. If your library isn't set up so that she's also looking at the computer screen, either turn the screen so she can see it or invite her back behind the reference desk so you can scroll through the recipes together.

OK, now I'm hungry. Where is that pumpkin soup recipe?


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