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The New TV Season

It's a bit odd to say the fall is the new TV season, given that networks begin seasons at times other than the fall. Still, it's tradition, and it's when the major networks start most of their new seasons and new shows.

A quick round up of resources to plan your viewing and recording; and to answer reference questions about when a show starts, the network it's on, etc.

The Futon Critic
A great primetime TV resource, including this handy 2005 - 2006 schedule, which has start dates.

Contains information such as episode summaries, cast, and crew. Great if you missed the first few episodes of Prison Break and want to get up to speed. (Added bonus: contains information about every show ever made. And you thought you were the only one who remembered Dusty's Trail.)

Television Without Pity: spare the snark, spoil the network.
Incredibly detailed recaps of 30-odd current shows. Can be quite snarky, always full of personality and one liners. A fun way to catch up on shows you missed; even more fun to read if you've seen the show. Plus, very cool message boards.

Entertainment Weekly.
The Fall TV Preview has information on new and returning TV shows.

What new shows will I be watching? I'm undecided about what to add to my TV schedule, so any and all suggestions are appreciated!


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