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Well, no sooner do I vent my total exasperation with the failure of public libraries to market themselves effectively than I find some heartening news.

The first (and most cheering) tidbit comes from Ann Arbor District Library's Erin Helmrich (alert readers will remember her as the author of the article that inspired me to create this very blog), who understands that libraries & marketing go together like chocolate and peanut butter, via a lovely plug from YPulse:

"This summer our version of 'viral' marketing was to give out rubber-bracelets that we had custom made with our AXIS [AADL's teen services] logo and out website address - library was *not* written anywhere on it - and they are flying out the door!"

Well done, Erin & Eli!

The second is more of a mixed bag: on the one hand, libraries got a plug from the excruciatingly (but not tragically) hip public radio magazine This American Life (scroll down to the episode titled "Image Makers" to listen via RealAudio). On the other? Well, Andrea says it best:

Sadly, the segment showed a bit of how far we have to go on that front. Even though Ira Glass lovingly described the concerts, many of the librarians and library workers came off sounding…well…like frumpy librarians. I winced when a woman addressed a group of 9-14 year olds with the globally-annoying "Hellooo boys and girls" and spoke in a sing-songy voice. I cringed when circulation workers plugged their ears at the icky rock music. You could HEAR the sweater sets. Are we really that bad?

Happily, Andrea and her commenters provide a lively & useful exchange of suggestions on How Not To Behave In Front Of The Young People. In the long run, I hope that the Future Taxpayers Of America in attendance at the awesome-sounding concert will remember the awesomeness, and not the cringing of certain rawk-hating members of library staff. (Via librarian.net)


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