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Steven Johnson's Open Letter to Senator Clinton

This post is mostly a place-holder and reminder to myself to read Steven Everything Bad Is Good For You Johnson's latest opinion piece in today's LA Times. From scanning it, here's the jist: Senator Hillary Clinton wants to study the effects of video games on children, and Johnson would like her to be more clear about what those effects will be compared to -- reading? card games? shooting dirty pool?

I am so tired of the pathologizing of teen interests & behaviors, and I am so glad to see opinion pieces like this one. Happy weekend, all.


  • At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Sophie, I read this book and found it quite interesting. It's not a deep analysis but he comes up with thoughtful ideas that I hadn't seen juxtaposed before. I read the whole thing on a single cross-country airplane trip, so it's a quick read once you get into it. Definitely worth reading. - Kathleen Jones


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