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Fanfiction @ The Library

Fanfiction is deserving of multiple entries. For a detailed look at fanfiction, take a peek at a recent article in Voya called All Shapes of Hunger: Teens and Fanfiction. Fanfiction is fiction written by fans that takes place using the characters/ world of a book, movie, TV show, graphic novel, song, etc. I promise – at some future date, I'll go into more details about what it is and what you can do at the library.

In the meanwhile, here's something that is very cool: an author that is encouraging fanfiction, rather than threatening lawsuits for copyrightviolationss.

Baker & Taylor and Penguin Young Readers Group are sponsoring a contest based on Laurie Halse Anderson's latest book, Prom.

Prom is about the Prom, and about one teen -- Ashley Hannigan -- who could care less about it. She's more concerned with graduating from high school, her part time job, life after high school, her family, her friends, and her boyfriend. Ashley's best friend, on the other hand, is Prom obsessed. Then the high school advisor for the Prom committee steals all the Prom money and it looks like Prom will not happen. Ashley finds herself pulled into the "let's put on a Prom in less than a month with no money" solution out of loyalty to her best friend.

Teens age 12 to 18 can enter a short story based on Prom – either a prequel, sequel, or alternate ending. Details are at the Baker & Taylor website; the teens can win $500 that can go towards the DJ for their Prom or can win that amount in books. The contest ends in December, so the prize would apply to next year's Prom. Entries are submitted via libraries, so the library may win a visit from Anderson. Go to the website to access a PDF File with all the information and an entry form. Or, you can do what I did: email Baker & Taylor. They sent me bookmarks in the shape of limos, extra entry forms, and an ARC of Prom.

While this contest is asking for fanfic, for some reason that term does not appear on any of the promotional materials.


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