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Jessamyn Blogs NJLA, Too

Jessamyn West, who blew my mind a tiny bit by having a such a lovely sense of humor and a very gracious way about her (not that I didn't think she'd be either of those things, just that upon meeting someone whose work you've read and admired for six years, you might be a little nervous about how she'll turn out to be in person) presented at this week's NJLA Conference, and has written a couple of posts about sessions she attended or hoped to attend. I'm linking her posts here here for your convenience.

Mary Minow spoke on Privacy Issues in Libraries, and has posted her talk at her blog.

George Needham & Pat Wagner provided a pre-conference talk on Information Services in the Larger Context, and George has followed up with a really insightful post about dynamic & non-dynamic libraries at It's All Good (which I also highly recommend adding to your regular reads). Rochelle has a very interesting follow-up post connecting libraries that embrace change with media convergence issues. I am very keen to read a summary of Pat & George's talk, whenever the blogger who attended that session is up to posting it...


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