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Employee Evaluations

[Many thanks to Ellen J. Eifert of the Camden County Library for writing this program summary!]

Presenter: Beth J. Hisdale, Esq.

Attendees were standing room only at Ms. Hinsdale’s presentation. She stated that evaluations are a tool to bring employees up to standards and to do a better job.

Here are some interesting points discussed:

  • Medical information should be kept in a separate, confidential medical file;
  • Keep written records of all counseling sessions with an employee;
  • There is a distinction between documented verbal communications and a verbal or written warnings;
  • Let the employee know what is going in the personnel file.

Performance evaluations are an investment of time. All employees are to be treated the same. Evaluations and methods of evaluation should be consistent throughout the organization. Preparation for evaluations takes place throughout the year--issues should be an ongoing discussion with an employee; one recent event should not skew an evaluation. The evaluation document itself should provide generous space for comments.

Remember, in any organization, employees’ job performance is like a bell curve—there should be many average employees with a few expected to be below or above average.

From audience response, it is evident that this topic is of great interest. There was not nearly enough time to give proper attention to everyone’s questions and material presented. Similar workshops in the future would be most welcome.


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