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Young Adult Readership Conference

Wow. Is it me, or does this conference look amazingly interesting & useful to libraries serving YAs? I want to go to so many of the sessions! My top three:

The Real Deal: How Young Adults Spend Their Time Online: From RSS and SMS to peer-to-peer file sharing, find out how newspapers can tap into the new information networks.
Discussion Leader: Susan Mernit, Media Center Fellow

Marketing & Promotion: Best Practices for ROI: Seminar participants share their most successful promotions and events that reach young adults.Discussion Leader: Marti Galloway, marketing manager, tbt

What Makes This Generation Tick?: To know where people are today, focus on their generation, not their age. Discussion Leader: Historian and author William Strauss

Tuition for Young Adult Readership: Connecting With The Millenial Market is a whopping $2,225, so I'll be passing this time. But I will definitely be checking back at the site to see if there are any notes, handouts, or other goodies posted following the conference.

Via Susan Mernit's very fine blog, which I found via a round-up post at my beloved lifehacker.


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