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NY Times On Knitting: Very Slow On The Uptake

Has the Times been sleeping on the job? This editorial sure makes it seem that way. Knitting has been hugely trendy, and growing in popularity, for the last three years, at least. Four new knit shops have opened in a 10-mile radius of my house in the last year, and there are now three high-end knit shops in Center City Philadelphia. There's been a very pleasant proliferation of well-written knitting books for all ages, blogs, and magazines (both online and print). My library's winter Crochet For Charity program regularly drew crowds of over 20 (in three generations at a time) to crochet squares that have now been seamed into an afghan we're donating to Warm Up America -- it was such a success that we're going to run a 6-week crochet & knitting program this summer for tweens & teens. I'm not unhappy about the Times's editorial, it just seems weirdly timed.


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