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Minnesota School Shooting Tragedy

For those of you who've been following the Red Lake Reservation* story, you may, like many others, be wondering what in the world would cause a teenager to kill his own grandparents, don a bullet-proof vest, and head off to his school to kill a handful of his classmates and teachers. You may also be wondering what, if anything, a library could do about this type of tragedy.

A library in touch with (or maybe just yearning to be in touch with) its community might consider holding a series of intergenerational book discussions, starting with Todd Strasser's Give A Boy A Gun, moving on to Monster, by Walter Dean Myers, then Alex Flinn's Breaking Point and maybe wrapping up with Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak or Gail Giles's Shattering Glass. These are books written about and for teens, and to a one, they are about as heartbreakingly perfect as representations of serious teen problems get.

*If you need a login for the NY Times article, go to bugmenot.com. They'll sort you out.


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