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A Gentle Reminder

About library staff behavior, courtesy of Mimi Smartypants. Being a jerk to the public is really not okay. No, never. No, not even when jerky behavior becomes fodder for hilarious online journal entries.


  • At 8:55 AM, Blogger MJ said…

    In the years since I left librarianship, I've found Mimi's experience to be fairly typical of the kind of attitude I face from circ staff when I go to the library (both the public libraries in my area and the academic library on the campus where I work). I don't know if the rudeness is actually increasing or if I just never noticed it before, because I frequented the libraries where I worked and I knew the staff. In any event, there are branches of my public library system that I won't go to because I dread the evil glares and surly comments I get from certain circ clerks.

    Recently the public library system in my area, like others across the country, was threatened with closure due to the severe financial straits the county is in. In these days, I don't think libraries can afford to present such a bad face to the public.

  • At 7:53 PM, Blogger feistylibrarian said…

    given mimi's awful experience, i felt compelled to send her a so-sorry-email. i hope that things are better next time. she will be my inspiration for the week. i had a lousy day today but it was the faces of my young adult patrons who helped me muddle through. thanks mimi


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