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Super Bowl & Awards Parties, Redux

Alert reader Josh pointed out in his comment to the previous post on this subject that it's a good idea to have a table full of related library materials in the same room with the TV & snacks. I could not agree more. Here's an initial list of goodies to include:
  • For an Oscar/SAG/Golden Globes Awards party, display the nominated movies (assuming some of them will be available on DVD by the time of the awards ceremony), biographies of nominated actors & directors, magazines featuring nominees on the cover, soundtracks of nominated movies, novels that the nominated films were based on, and so on.
  • For a Grammys, Country Music Awards, VIBE or other music awards party, display CDs by every nominated artist -- both their more recent work, and any items from their back catalogue you may have -- as well as biographies of the artists (hint: check your juvenile & YA biographies sections for these!), and all of your related music magazines.
  • For a major sports event party, well, you probably know the drill by now -- all those gorgeous oversized books full of physics-defying moments of sports heroism captured on film, athlete bios, sports magazines, sports-related movies (Miracle, anyone?), etc.

You want the event to be communal and fun and also a great opportunity to showcase and promote the library's collections while you're at it. A current collection = with-it materials selectors = happy patrons who know they can rely on their library to have stuff on the shelves that interests them = you win!


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